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The ‘my girlfriend got bitten by a zombie’ club

Members: Ellie and Joel

Hi I seriously don't intend to come off as invasive but I have a few questions? How do girls even have sex together and what does it feel like to kiss or touch ? I would google it but there's only pronz that show up and I don't want to be a fool
— Asked by Anonymous

its okay!! well i guess youll have to be more specific if thats alright? i personally identify as nonbinary but im a femme person and i can tell you that kissing/touching girls is a+!! however with talking about sex it depends really, since i am dfab and its definitely not my place to talk for trans women/on behalf of trans womens experiences. but if you wanna talk sex between dfab femme ppl then i will do my best

Title: Sea Of Love

Artist: Cat Power

Album: The Covers Record

Title: La Vie En Rose

Artist: Édith Piaf

Album: The Very Best of Édith Piaf: Immortal "Little Sparrow" of France